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LDAPAddress NOTES.INI variable ignored

In Domino 5.0.1a and subsequent releases, the LDAPAddress NOTES.INI variable is ignored.

For Domino R5 servers and later, bind a Notes TCP port to a specific address, and then have the LDAP service use the Notes port. To bind the Notes port, use the NOTES.INI variable <NotesTcpPortName>_TcpIpAddress= . For example, <NotesTcpPortName>_TcpIpAddress=0,IPaddress:1352
The port number 1352 is optional but refers to the Notes/Domino TCP Port number.

Designate to the LDAP server, the Notes TCP port name to use by adding this NOTES.INI variable:
In this case, the InternetServer is LDAP.