04 Documentation updates
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Using multiple Internet domain names

The Domino R5 Administrator documentation contains the topic "Using multiple Internet domain names within one organization." The procedure "To use multiple Internet domain names" is part of that topic and requires correction.

A new Step 5 has been added, and the previous Step 5 is now Step 6. Step 7 has also been added.

To use multiple Internet domain names

1. Make sure you already have a Configuration Settings document for the server(s) to be configured.

2. From the Domino Administrator, click the Configuration tab and then expand the Messaging section.

3. Choose Domains, and then click Add Domain.

4. On the Basics tab, complete these fields:
Domain typeChoose Global Domain
Global domain nameA word or phrase that describes the domain
Global domain roleChoose R5 Internet Domain or R4.x SMTP MTA
5. Click the Restrictions tab and complete this field:
Domino domains and aliasesThe Domino domain name and aliases. Domino uses the dmain name and aliases when accepting mail from the alternate domains listed in the Global Domain document.
6. Click the Conversions tab, complete these fields, and then save the document:
Local primary Internet domainThe primary Internet domain name that your company uses to represent themselves to the outside world -- for example, ACME.COM
Alternate Internet domain aliasesAdditional Internet domain names that your company uses -- for example, ANOTHER.COM, and so on

7. Restart the server to put the changes into effect. The server reloads information in the Global Domain document into memory only after a restart.